CaloryTech Innovation Pvt Ltd (“CaloryTech”) provides patented innovative thermal management solutions for Lithium-ion batteries incorporating patented Phase Change Composite – PCCTM material and other patent-pending Thermal Management Technology.

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PCCTM (Phase Change Composite) material is the patented thermal management technology used in Lithium-ion batteries. PCCTM absorbs heat generated in battery packs and distributes heat uniformly, thus prevents cells from overheating. Advantages of PCCTM include the following
PCCTM (Phase Change Composite) Cell Holder 
An Innovative Thermal Management Solution for Lithium-ion Batteries
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Lithium-ion Cells are placed in skin-to-skin contact with PCCTM. When battery pack temperature rises, PCCTM  dissipates heat uniformly, thus avoiding hot
spots. PCCTM prolongs battery life at higher operating temperatures. PCCTM is essential in 

Lithium Ion Cells Inserted in PCC Cell Holder  

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Incorporate thermal management solutions in your battery packs with patented PCCTM to make your batteries stand out in the crowd. PCCTM can be a powerful product differentiator for your battery packs for numerous applications such as

PCCTM – A Powerful Product Differentiator
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PCC extends cycle life of battery packs because PCC regulates the temperature inside battery packs, keeping the battery cooler.

PCC Extends Run Time for Battery Packs

Advantages of PCC Thermal Management System


PCC is proven to mitigate battery fires. CaloryTech batteries with integrated PCCTM thermal management technology can stop thermal runaway propagation inside the battery pack by rapidly absorbing and distributing the heat using a combination of high-conductivity graphite matrix and high heat storage PCM material.

Long Lasting

By ensuring temperature uniformity across cells and limiting maximum cell temperature, CaloryTech batteries with integrated PCCTM thermal management technology extend battery cycle life and run time

Compact and Lightweight

CaloryTech Lithium-ion batteries combine the highest quality lithium-ion cells with patented PCCTM Thermal Management System to deliver a safe & high-performance battery.

Our Products

1. PCC (Phase Change Composite) Cell Holder :

CaloryTech provides customized PCC thermal management material to battery OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as an alternative to plastic cell holders and adds a new safety feature in their battery packs. PCC is a powerful product differentiator and a tangible value proposition

2. Lithium-ion Batteries :

Best-in-class Lithium-ion batteries for various applications ranging from EVs (Electric Vehicles) to Portable Devices to Stationary Energy Storage systems across a wide range of industries. We manufacture batteries of various capacities – Small (< 1 kWh), Medium (1 to 5 kWh) and Large (> 5 kWh).

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