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Welcome To CaloryTech
CaloryTech Innovation Pvt Ltd (“CaloryTech”) provides patented innovative thermal management solutions for Lithium-ion batteries incorporating patented Phase Change Composite – PCCTM material and other patent-pending Thermal Management Technology. CaloryTech has established a strategic partnership with AllCell Technologies, Chicago, USA which has developed and commercialized the PCCTM for more than a decade in various applications.

CaloryTech manufactures best-in-class Lithium-ion batteries with thermal management technology incorporating the patented PCCTM material for various applications ranging from EVs (Electric Vehicles) to Portable devices to Stationary energy storage systems across a wide range of industries. CaloryTech is based in Bangalore, India. CaloryTech also sells PCCTM Cell Holder as a standalone product for use in batteries for battery OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and vehicle OEMs.

Mission and Vision

CaloryTech™ Innovation Private Limited is in the business of design and manufacture of:

  • Safe, innovative, best-in-class and reliable Lithium-ion batteries.
  • State-of-the-art thermal management solutions for Lithium-ion batteries such as patented PCCTM (Phase Change Composite) material technology.

Our vision is to focus on innovations in Energy Storage Systems and Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Our Core Team

Siddique Khateeb

Founder & Managing Director. Technology, Product and Business Development

Siddique has more than 15 years in Research, Technology, Product Development and Manufacturing of Innovative Energy Storage Systems like Batteries, Fuel Cells, Thermal Energy Storage. Siddique was one of the pioneers who worked in developing and demonstrating the patented Thermal Management technology currently used by AllCell Technologies in their battery products.Most recently, he worked as Director of R&D at AllCell Technologies, Chicago where he led a very successful R&D program adding new core-capabilities at AllCell Technologies. He has been granted 3 US Patents and 6 US Patents Pending and published more than 15 Journal Publications. Siddique holds a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. He completed Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Afzaal Mohammed

Director of Finance, Business Development & Operations

Afzaal is responsible for Finance and Business Development. He is also a part-time money manager and an independent equity research analyst in Indian stock markets. In his previous role, he worked as a research analyst at Karvy Stock Broking Ltd., Hyderabad for 4 years covering equities in the Indian stock markets. He has extensive experience in financial projections and company valuations. He started his career working as a mechanical engineer at DRDL (Defense R&D Lab), a unit of DRDO (Defense R&D Organization, Government of India) in Hyderabad. He holds an MBA in Finance and Investments from Baruch College, City University of New York and a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree majoring in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University (Muffakham Jah College), Hyderabad.

Shreyas Rajan

Director of Sales and Marketing

Currently, Shreyas works as Country Manager at Solar Inverters manufacturing company. Previously, he worked as Principal Product Marketing Lead at Kalkitech and as Global Marketing Manager with IBM, India. He is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in business consulting and marketing. He brings considerable experience in strategic marketing, portfolio marketing, and market research. His expertise includes - New business and solution go to market strategy, campaign management, market research, industry thought leadership, digital marketing, branding, product marketing across varied industry verticals. Shreyas holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree majoring in Chemical Engineering from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.


Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Power Electronics and Electrical Engineering Design

Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Power Electronics and Electrical Engineering Design

Dr. Krishnamurthy is currently employed as an Associate Professor at IIT since 2014. He is also the Director of the Grainger Power Electronics and Motor Drives Lab. His research primarily focuses on design, analysis, implementation and optimization of drivetrain components for hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles (power electronics, electric machines & drives and energy storage). He also conducts research in the design, development and optimization of power electronics and drives for PV and wind generator systems. His research has received funding from several agencies including the US Department of Energy, National Science Foundation and several industries.

Board of Advisor

Dr. Said Al-Hallaj

Dr. Said Al-Hallaj

Business Strategy

Dr. Said Al-Hallaj

Business Strategy

CEO and Chairman – AllCell Technologies, Chicago
CEO - NETenergy, Chicago
Dr. Said Al-Hallaj is the co-inventor of AllCell’s PCCTM technology and a world-renowned expert in thermal management of lithium-ion batteries. He possesses 20 years of experience in renewable energy research and development (with a focus on thermal management and electrochemical engineering of lithium-ion batteries) and is an adjunct professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).


CaloryTech™ has established a strategic relationship and partnership with AllCell Technologies located in Chicago, USA (www.allcelltech.com) to design and develop Li-ion Battery systems for various customers in India. AllCell Technologies, USA has developed a patented Passive Thermal Management technology for Li-ion Batteries and has been assembling and supplying Li-ion Batteries to various Customers primarily in USA and few other customers worldwide.
AllCell Technologies, USA has been a niche battery supplier for more than 15 years with a production capacity of > 30 MWh/month and deployed > 35 MWh to various customers in USA and worldwide. Some of current and past customers are shown below.