Real Thermal Management System (TMS) is Finally Here!

Currently, battery packs using PCM (Phase Change Material-Wax), potting compound, thermal pads, ceramics as thermal management solution have poor heat removal rate and hence not suitable for high performance and fast charging applications.

Introducing GrafX: AIS 156 Compliant TMS for Lithium-ion batteries.

GrafX - Our proprietary TMS is a composite material made of Graphite + PCM with very high thermal conductivity and heat storage capacity. GrafX ensures fast heat removal rate, uniform heat distribution, cooler temperature and unmatched thermal runaway mitigation 24x7 in a simple, cost effective, modular design for all battery types (Cylindrical or Prismatic or Pouch cells). Our first customer has successfully passed AIS-156 (Phase-2, Amendment 3) Certification testing, including Thermal Propagation Test using CaloryTech’s GrafX thermal management system.

CaloryTech is on a mission to make Lithium-ion Batteries Safer and Long Lasting with Superior Performance!
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Advantages of GrafX

  • Enables Fast Charging and Fast Discharging of battery packs with faster heat removal
  • Enables your battery to easily pass AIS - 156 (Phase 2, Amendment 3) thermal propagation test
  • High thermal conductivity (15 to 20 W/m-k) & low-weight compared to potting material, wax, other PCMs
  • High Heat Storage Capacity up to 260 kJ/kg
  • Substantially improves battery safety - offers 24x7 Thermal Runaway Protection
  • Long Lasting Batteries: keeps cells cooler even in hot summer, thus extending battery calendar life
  • Requires no external power, easy to install and compact design for cylindrical, prismatic or pouch cells
Introducing GrafX TMS: Best-in-class and simplest Thermal Management System (TMS) for Lithium Batteries for electric 2W, 3W, Drones, ESS, Telecom Towers, Agri Machinery etc. for all cell types – Cylindrical, Prismatic, & Pouch cells.

GrafX – A Powerful Product Differentiator

Defend Against Battery Fires with GrafX

GrafX is a passive Thermal Management System (TMS) that offers 24x7 thermal runaway mitigation for Lithium-ion Batteries, thus drastically reducing the chances of fire in Electric Vehicles. GrafX does not require external power or BMS to activate the thermal safety protection system, GrafX works on a standalone basis.

  • Compact TMS where active cooling system like liquid or forced air cooling is not a practical solution because of space and weight constraints ex. 2&3 Wheelers, Drones, VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle) etc.
  • Tested for much stringent standards than those required for thermal propagation test to obtain AIS-156 Phase-2 certification
  • CaloryTech has performed numerous inhouse lab tests to demonstrate the superiority of thermal runaway mitigation and prevention of fires
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Do Fast Charging or Fast Discharging Under 30 min – We Take the Heat, You Stay Cool!

GrafX can handle large amounts of heat generated during fast charge and fast discharge for all weather conditions including hot summer so that the batteries stay cool and last longer.

Maintaining a lower and uniform battery temperature in the module or large format cells (cylindrical or prismatic cells) even during summer season is critical for safety, optimal battery performance, BMS control, longer cycle and calendar life.

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Best-in-Class Battery Packs with Superior Safety, Enhanced Performance and Longer Life

At CaloryTech, we believe that every battery should have the best quality. That's why we meticulously analyze the requirements, perform thermal and mechanical modelling to design the battery packs and chose the finest components available - be it cells, BMS, TMS or other accessories.

We incorporate our state-of-art thermal management system GrafX which offers the best thermal runaway safety currently available in the industry.

  • We design the battery packs and work with carefully selected battery contract manufacturers to incorporate our design and GrafX TMS into the battery packs to maximize energy density and safety
  • We also design the battery casing using modelling tools to withstand rigorous environmental conditions to protect the inside of the battery during mechanical and thermal abuse conditions
  • We've raised the bar for battery safety - even in the unlikely event of a BMS malfunction or internal short circuit, our 24x7 thermal management system remains unwavering, ensuring your peace of mind by safeguarding your battery from fire hazards.
  • Choose us for a new level of safety in energy storage.
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Applications of GrafX

Lithium Battery Manufacturers
Electric Vehicle OEMs
Drone Manufacturers
Agricultural Machinery
Residential and Commercial Back-up Storage
Telecom Towers
EV Charging
Electronics & Portable Devices
Material Handling